Mezzo Italiano | About Us
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Our Idea…We create a place where everything is made in house, by hand and from scratch…and we stay open late!

Locals know that good food is scarce after 9 pm in Cambria…until now! Welcome to Mezzo Italiano.  It means “half-Italian”  and we reimagine American classics with an Italian flair, and add a California twist to some Italian classics.

It isn’t your typical spaghetti and pizza joint, so prepare to try something new.  Our seasonal menu of gourmet-to-go takeout is ready-to-heat or ready-to-eat, for here or takeaway. We are open from 3 pm to Midnight! (we really are!)   Closed on Wednesdays.

We cook Italian-style food with a California influence featuring local, organic, and sustainable ingredients.   Our menu of entrees, soups, salads, sandwiches, sweets and baked goods changes frequently, and the website menu will reflect the current selections.

You can also find us every Friday at Farmer’s Market in Cambria from 2:30 to 5:30…look for the pink tent!

Who we are…

Victoria started her restaurant career at the illustrious Square One Restaurant in San Francisco when it first opened.  The pastry department was innovative and always changing with the daily menus so the learning experience and diversity were more of a cooking school than a production job.  “Creating everything from scratch was literally how I thought all restaurants worked until my second restaurant job!  I feel extremely fortunate to have been trained by some of the most amazing chefs like Joyce Goldstein as the gold standard for how things should be done…100% correctly.  And to the pastry creative geniuses, Craig Sutter & Dianne Dexter, who taught me there are many ways to make the same things as long as the result is the same.”

Linda and Marianne are sisters who managed a successful Bay Area breakfast eatery, and Linda and Victoria have been friends for decades, so when this unique opportunity to join forces became a reality, all 3 jumped on it and were in for the ride…and oh, what a ride it has been~ stay tuned for our blog, we have so many stories to share, and a few great cooking tips.  You will all get a chance to know Linda and Marianne as they will be running the front of the house and making excellent coffee drinks!  We look forward to sharing our food with you.

Simple food is an art form.  Compounding flavors while still retaining their individual flavors requires finesse and restraint.


Do you have lasagna?

We do love a good stuffed pasta dish, but lasagna is so 1950s…so we invented something better…the Rolioli…homemade semolina pasta filled with cheesy-pesto filling, swirled and baked into individual Rolioli with your choice of sauce.

Are you really open until Midnight?

Yes, we are really open until Midnight, and yes, you can get food until Midnight.

Do you take reservations?

No, we are mostly take-out prepared food for you to heat up at home.  We do have some items that are ready-to-eat, and we have limited seating but no table service.